A Success Case Using our EPUB SDK

We had yesterday an encouraging feedback from one of our SDK users who has been developing an app for Brazil’s Ministry of Education. The ministry equips public school teachers with tablets that are preinstalled of the app to introduce new technologies to these teachers. The app contains eight books. From the screenshots forwarded to us by Mr.Joao Filipe Dalla Rosa(joaofilipedallarosa@gmail.com), thanks be to him, we can see that the rendering of illustrations is quite nice, though we are Portuguese illiterate.

Screen shot 3

Screen shot of Bookshelf

Screen Shot 1

Screen Shot 1

Screen Shots

Screen Shot 2

Screen Shot s

Screen Shot 8

Screen Shot s

Screen Shot 8

AnFengDe EPUB UI Component 20130521 is released

In this release we’ve modified our project because some people want to load the inbuilt books and don’t want users to delete them. We deleted the add book function and delete book function. So if you want to add books to you project, you can put them in the books folder(in android is the assets/books), and the app will load them when it starts.

Our Recent Work – Test environment refactoring and UI compatibility issues

It’s been some time now since the last release. During this period, one of the most meaningful thing we did was the refactoring of test environment for EPUB books. Before, we had written unit tests for each API. Along with the more and more types that were supported, and the increase in books that were tested, the maintenance of test code was causing trouble for us. So we stopped to improve testing tools. Now, just put the book to be tested on the internal test site, then the test program automatically runs the testcases. We run these tests each time we commit the code internally. We are very grateful to those members of the epub samples team, whose website is: http://code.google.com/p/epub-samples/.

Another thing, however, turned out to be very frustrating: for UI, supporting the basic flip operation is a matter of course. Since considerable difference exists between different Android versions – simply too many inconsistencies –  providing compatible code becomes very complex. If we consider only the iOS platform, the flipping effect can be made flamboyant. No programmer wants to maintain a very complex codes, which will bring us a lot of pressure in maintenance. Maybe we should introduce a modest version and leave a better UI to the next version, or maybe we give up support for some low Android versions.

Recently, we received quite a lot emails which gave us some valuable suggestions, thank you very much. We will attach great importance to your proposals, I believe that our team will do better, our goal is that our users do the most with the least code.

AnFengDe EPUB UI Component 20120824 is released

A new version of AnFengDe EPUB UI Component is released. A significant improvement of this version is the support to EPUB 2.0.x, in which most of the ebooks on the net are published. The SDK API interface is unchanged for compatibility with previous applications. Also we’ve added Google’s AdMob feature. Ebook readers developed by this dev kit will cast advertisements. Please contact us if you want to remove it or replace it with your own ads. Paying a very small amount of fee will suffice.

We are still working to the development, please keep attention.