Yes, we put our code in, you can get it by this command line:

git clone


access repository directly.

8 comments on “Downloads

  1. Hi,

    will your epub SDK support encrypted files?
    our epubs are kept encrypted in the devices.


    • Sorry, current SDK does not support encryption.
      We will add DRM feature later, thank you keep an eye on it.

  2. Hi, I just buy anfengde epub sdk and pay with paypal, but i dont get download link. How to I get the link to download mine. Thank you.

  3. Hi, As we try the SDK Example, that just show a table mata data of epub, but donot include the actually reader? And the UI Example (2 days ago build) seem can not even start with iOS 7 SDK?

  4. Hi
    i need you help about step call method on iOS
    in folder EPUB_SDK_Example
    i seen example, i try open file epub on main bundle xcode
    but no open book on bundle
    in folder UI_Example
    I seen appdelegate call view EPubRootViewController can open book but i don’t know step to call
    Can you help me say about step call method in process open book on main bundle Xcode
    thank you

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