Goals of Upcoming Work

We are very grateful to the developers around the world for their recommendations and functional requirements. We ourselves also found that there are inadequacies in our work. We’ve focused on the development of functional features, neglecting the documentation part.

Two important things to do:
1, To provide a commercial AnReader program, fully open source, on which our customers can make changes to achieve their own reading software. This application will be available in Apple’s AppStore and Google Play.
2, To perfect documentation by adding implementation documents to facilitate the developers with references so as to make up for the inconvenience in concealing the core code.
After the completion of this stage, we will consider the DRM aspects of the work. As a matter of fact, the publishing industry can not just stare at contents such as novels and magazines. There are a lot of data with economic value, e.g., stock market analysis, training materials. It is entirely reasonable that respective customers set confidentiality requirement for fresh contents. As for tools for compiling EPUB books, we do not intend to develop an editor now. Rather, we will make use of existing open source tools, or provide this functionality by writing plug-ins for Office software.

Thank you, programmers, very much for your support. Please contact us when you have any questions.

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