Direction: Main Features of Coming Versions

The majority of EPUB readers in the market realize only the EPUB standards partially, focusing on the conformance requirements as how to display the content of a book. They hence lack support to and consideration for those who are impaired in reading. We are currently assessing the DAISY standard carefully in an attempt to add in the next versions some functions that may be of assistance to those people. We can not say right now in which version these features will be available. But undoubtedly this is our job.

By the end of August we will release a new version that supports both EPUB 2.0.x and 3.0 parsing and rendering, which will be a significant feature that will enable our framework to facilitate a greater variety of EPUB publications. Also, in the UI rendering we are experimenting with several approaches to break and flip pages. It’s quite a challenge to furnish a solution that can support both Android and iOS platforms. In this version there will also be the feature of bookmark management.

Entering September, we may provide development kit for Pad. Meanwhile, we, noting the rise in the complexity of the team’s test environment, will reconstruct the automated test environment, and test the running with more books.

From the end of August, we will provide tentative commercial services in customized book apps, book format transformation, as well as the parsing toolkit for developer teams.

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